dodgr_flowmap(net, bbox = NULL, linescale = 1)



A street network with a flow column obtained from dodgr_flows_aggregate or dodgr_flows_disperse


If given, scale the map to this bbox, otherwise use entire extend of net


Maximal thickness of plotted lines


net should be first passed through merge_directed_flows prior to plotting, otherwise lines for different directions will be overlaid.


graph <- weight_streetnet (hampi) from <- sample (graph$from_id, size = 10) to <- sample (graph$to_id, size = 5) to <- to [!to %in% from] flows <- matrix (10 * runif (length (from) * length (to)), nrow = length (from)) graph <- dodgr_flows_aggregate (graph, from = from, to = to, flows = flows) # graph then has an additonal 'flows` column of aggregate flows along all # edges. These flows are directed, and can be aggregated to equivalent # undirected flows on an equivalent undirected graph with: graph_undir <- merge_directed_flows (graph)
# NOT RUN { dodgr_flowmap (graph_undir) # }